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Foodies, form a line.

 When people ask me why I always visit Spain (that's right, third time round!), the first thing that comes to mind is the food. Oh, the food. I'm talking about jamón that melts in your mouth, slow cooked meats, the stinkiest cheese you can imagine, the freshest of fruits and vegetables. In my experience, every bite… Continue reading Foodies, form a line.


A quick guide to El Rastro, Madrid

Nestled in the midst of the vibrant suburb, La Latina in Madrid, each Sunday and public holiday of the year you will find the El Rastro flea markets. The markets are very popular to both locals and tourists, and have been running for decades, even being featured in Edgar Neville's Domingo de Carnaval, a film produced… Continue reading A quick guide to El Rastro, Madrid


What’s in my hand luggage?

A guide to packing only the essentials, written by the girl who feels the need to pack her entire belongings. As a child, I was the girl who LITERALLY packed the majority of my humble assets, bringing a separate bag for my teddy bears, shoes, clothes...even my favourite blankets. As I have grown older, I… Continue reading What’s in my hand luggage?